The Truth About Black Men!!

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Good Morning,

I’m up so early because I’m about to debut my first video essay on YOUTUBE:). This project started off as a class project, but has turned into something I’m really proud of. Although, I want to say it was hell to make because I am definitely not a tech person! But, I wanted to make a video essay that dispells the myth in society or what the media and popoular culture would like us to believe about black boys and men. It’s easy to listen to gangster rap and look at movies and start to put all black boys and men in the box of crimanals, thugs or drug dealers. So, I wanted to make something that shows images that are not seen day to day. I hope you guys like it!


R.I.P Troy Davis

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I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the recent lynching of Troy Davis but he is a black man that was executed last week in Georgia. He was sentenced to death in 1989 for the killing of an off duty police officer. Throughout the years there have been many issues raised that questioned the validity of his trial. There were eye witnesses that retracted their statements in addition to jurors that stated they would have voted not guilty if they were given access to all of the evidence. Regardless of all the new evidence Troy Davis was denied an appeal. The Georgia Department of Corrections killed him by lethal injection on September 21!

This is not the first time that the criminal justice system has failed. So, the question that comes to mind is how effective is the criminal justice system at all? We live in a society that punishes first and asks questions later especially for people of color. How can we trust a system that has so many flaws? In the case of Troy Davis we have a black man accused of killing a white man (Strike 1). The man who was murdered also happened to be a police officer (Strike 2). Lastly, he was tried in a state that thrives on racism and has a disproportionate amount of black men in prison (Strike 3). Troy Davis never had a chance! The criminal justice system has definitely failed our system and only reinforces racism. Instead of always wanting an eye for an eye maybe our society should explore other options such as restorative justice. Maybe then we can actually call America the land of the Free!