TRAPPED (Digital Storytelling)

In my visual research methods class our last assignment’s theme was digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is the art of giving voice using new media to populations that have been marginalized and allows them to “tell their story”. I have really enjoyed discussing digital storytelling for the past few weeks. My favorite aspect of digital storytelling is that these are the stories of everyday people.
It took awhile for me to figure out exactly what my project would be. At first I thought about telling my own story; but that would be predictable. So, I decided to step outside the box and actually film someone else “telling their story”. In TRAPPED, we meet my niece Vanessa, who tells us about how her abuse as a child as impacted her life as an adult.
When I started this project I have to admit I thought I knew everything about my niece. But, while editing I realized that there was so much emotion that hadn’t been expressed before we starting filming this project. I also, realized that I had to pay close attention to detail while editing this piece so that it would tell her story without exploiting or turning her story into a spectacle.
This project was shot with a video camera and was filmed over a span of 7 days and took a long time to edit. I am really proud of this video and I want to extend my thanks to my niece for sharing her story with us.


3 Responses to “TRAPPED (Digital Storytelling)”

  1. stompingoneggshells Says:

    This was done so beautifully! Your choice of how to overlay the audio with the video footage was impressive. And you conveyed the emotional aspects of Vanessa’s story with a superior sense of respect, lending increased legitimacy to the integrity of your piece.

  2. I agree with Katie. The piece gives us a powerful sense of your niece, and also you, and your relationship. It is a rare depiction of a formerly incarcerated woman: done with love, dignity, and openness to her story and voice.

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