Ladies Keep Your Legs Crossed!

Going to the gynecologist is probably the most uncomfortable situation and position a woman can experience with a stranger (especially if your Dr.’s a man). So, my question today is, “Should men be encouraged and allowed to practice in the field of gynecology?” I know this may sound like a crazy idea and discriminatory, but it’s an issue that I feel needs to be addressed. When Mary Daly refused to admit men into her women studies courses people thought she was crazy; but that was not the case. Her ideas about men’s sense of entitlement were ahead of her time. Should a man be allowed to tell a woman about her body, genitalia or reproductive organs when he does not have the same “equipment” as a woman; therefore he cannot understand nor relate to women.
A recent trip to the doctor prompted this discussion. I went to the doctor because I was experiencing severe pain and when the doctor opened the curtain to my surprise it wasn’t my regular doctor. Before I go any further let me just say that this post is not about man bashing or sexism, but a candid discussion and examination of whether or not the gynecologist office should truly be a feminist space. Let me know what you think?


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