WHY AM I BROKE? I did everything that I was supposed to do. In America it’s all about the AMERICAN DREAM and pulling yourself up by your BOOT-STRAPS! I always knew this idea was ridiculous, especially for a single Black woman with 3 kids. But, I actually unconsciously bought into this bullshit.
I wasn’t supposed to make it; the system was designed for me fail. I had my first son at 15 and my second at 18. Just those stats alone caused society (and family) to look at me crazy. But, I defied all odds. I graduated from high school a year early and got a job. Not just any old job, but a great one that allowed me to support myself and my children. After years of working I decided to return to school to get my bachelor’s degree.
I returned to the school at the age of 25. When I first started my only goal was to graduate. I hadn’t thought of furthering my education. Until I met a professor who encouraged me to apply to the McNair Scholar’s Program (a program that targets first generation and underserved groups gain research experience and preparation for graduate school). I was accepted and my life has forever been changed.
Since that time I’ve graduated and was named Outstanding Undergraduate. I was accepted to an elite graduate university and have been awarded many awards, fellowships, etc… I’ve been hearing the same ole song since I’ve been a little girl. GO TO SCHOOL GET AN EDUCATION SO YOU CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE. I’ve done everything that AMERICA has told me to do and yet I’m living off of school loans. So, my question is who does this AMERICAN DREAM apply to, because it’s certainly not me.


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