The Truth About Black Men Part 2! My thoughts and Inspiration

I was sitting at home watching Menace II Society and I started to think about the negative Images of Black boys and men that are displayed through media. These images have been ingrained in the minds of many and have led society to believe that there are no positive Black boys or men; unless, of course if you’re an athlete like Kobe Bryant then you’re the exception to the rule. Examining the film led me to create a Visual answer to the question, “What does it mean to be a Black boy or man in America”? At first I was skeptical about making something that focused so strongly on race and stereotypes. But, I quickly came to my senses because I thought about my own teenage sons and realized that this Visual response was necessary. You can’t make change if you remain silent.
My first thought while making this essay was to use positive Images of Black boys/men while playing Audio from specific rap songs that contradicted the Images. Then I got some great advice from my professor and family members who suggested that I use Audio in a more complex way. The suggestions that were given caused me to think more critically on how I could use audio to really get my point across. My light bulb came on and I thought who better to use to bring this message home but Martin Luther King Jr. and Cornel West. So, instead of Hearing my voice in between the music clips you SEE and HEAR two of the greatest Black men in history Speaking specifically about race, having black pride, and how to refrain from allowing your oppressors to put you in a box.
This project is so important to me because it goes against what the media shows us every day. It provides an accurate Picture of Black boys/men!


One Response to “The Truth About Black Men Part 2! My thoughts and Inspiration”

  1. Keeonna, I thought your video was beautifully edited and is very thought-provoking. As I said in class, I think its very interesting how image construction, both positive and negative, is a central theme of your video, and I think it shows how it requires active work to craft a positive image, especially in the face of racism/sexism/etc.

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