The Truth About Black Men!!

Good Morning,

I’m up so early because I’m about to debut my first video essay on YOUTUBE:). This project started off as a class project, but has turned into something I’m really proud of. Although, I want to say it was hell to make because I am definitely not a tech person! But, I wanted to make a video essay that dispells the myth in society or what the media and popoular culture would like us to believe about black boys and men. It’s easy to listen to gangster rap and look at movies and start to put all black boys and men in the box of crimanals, thugs or drug dealers. So, I wanted to make something that shows images that are not seen day to day. I hope you guys like it!


4 Responses to “The Truth About Black Men!!”

  1. Truth, S. Says:

    I am feeling your video message. You delivered a view of Black Men that is rarely displayed in mass media. As a part of the American society and as a culture we need to open our view to the diversity of a Black Man and stop accepting the narrow perspective of who and what he is and all that he can be.

    The Black Men I know, the Brothers I share my daily life with, are extraordinary, knowledgeable, caring, loving, lovable and loved leaders of my community.

    • Thanks!!!!!! Hopefully, this short video will at least make people think and demystify the question of what is means to be a black man.

  2. Linda Perkins Says:

    I loved this video. Great job. Thanks for dispelling the stereotypes

  3. Keeonna, this video shows a representation of black boys/men that needs to be presented more at the forefront of media. In particular, I was struck by the part in your video when a mother’s is heard condemning her son to dress in a certain way. Your work conveyed an incredible message to not only your teenage sons and other black individuals, but also to anybody who is willing to open their eyes to see a hidden but true side of life that is usually bogged down under stereotypes. Beautiful work!

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